Why Farmers?

The global developments in technology have eluded farmers. As a result, the absence of any effective coverage for a majority of India’s rural households has thwarted their ability to think, innovate and experiment. If we make targeted interventions in agriculture, we can lift farmers out of poverty forever.

India can raise farm productivity by making targeted reforms in the agricultural sector. Improving farm productivity to enhance incomes of smallholder farmers is a definitive way to address rural poverty. India’s land productivity is just half that of other emerging Asian countries, while having the capacity to at least double its productivity. With a sharp focus on increasing access to quality inputs, efficient credit and knowledge, India can increase farm yields to 4 tonnes per hectare.

Currently, farmer incomes are at a tenth of their potential in India. Swayam offers to increase farmer income 6 times. Our vision is to reach 100,000 farmers over 5 years and eliminate farmer poverty forever.

The Gap

Do not have access to internet or smartphone.
Do not have access to formal credit
Do not have access to irrigation channels

The All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey 2017 reports that 95% of marginal farmers do not have access to formal credit. Poor financial literacy and non-productive expenditure results in a inefficient borrowing habits which leaves farmers in perennial debt.

54% of India’s population faces extremely high-water stress, the same figure rises to up to 80% withdrawals in rural India. Government support under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojana offers a promising solution, but it is prohibitively expensive to purchase the technology upfront and wait for subsidy amounts to be transferred post installation. An efficient financing model is crucial.

Over 90% of marginal farmers are unable to access scientific and technical information that can give them critical data points to make better decisions.

How we work?

Swayam has created a unique product of horticultural inputs, finance and know-how which is a first of its kind in India.

We offer:

  • Training : Farmers receive continuous knowledge support across five modules from pre-season planning to harvesting on commercial horticulture. Our modules cover financial planning, sowing, nutrient management, harvesting and marketing.
  • Input finance : Farmers receive top-quality agri inputs (seeds, fertilizer and micro nutrients) on credit, throughout the season.
  • On-field support : Our field officers provide regular on-field support to monitor crop health.
  • Market linkage : We connect farmers to mandis and train them to observe price fluctuations, so they can adjust their crop sales for the best returns.

Impact On Farmer's Income

Our Social Return on Investment currently stands at INR 8, that is for each rupee lent to farmers, the net return for the farmer is INR 8.


In 2018, we completed our successful pilot project after onboarding 50 farmers, offering packages of top-quality seeds, fertilizer and micronutrients on credit We successfully raised farmer incomes by 4 times, and we are on track to grow farmer income by 2 additional percentage points. Our farmer count is increasing at a rapid rate of 40% month on month as we leverage our existing farmer network.

In the coming years, we will multiply our network by 4-5 times each year, expand to more districts, and eventually to more states. Our goal is to eradicate farmer poverty. Our success would also lead to the malnourished population declining and child literacy improving as access rises due to income.